Every Day Carry (EDC) Pocket Dump

There’s a thriving community of people on the internet who are intensely interested in what’s known as Every Day Carry, or EDC. These are the tools and various items people carry with them on a daily basis. There are many, many websites, Facebook Groups, Twitter accounts and other places you can see picture after picture of what people carry with them every day.

Sometimes you’ll see what’s known as a “pocket dump” – the stuff people carry in their pockets or on their person. Other times it will be a “bag dump” – stuff people carry in their backpack, purse, briefcase or whatever type of bag they carry on a daily basis.

It’s actually pretty fascinating to see what people carry with them, and how they use some of those things. I have to admit, I’ve placed more Amazon orders for things I’ve seen on these EDC sites than might be healthy.

Some of the people who post their EDC lists do it more for aesthetics than functionality. They’ll have a whole bunch of colour-coordinated items or they’ll have a bunch of “tactical” tools that are not always the most practical things to have on hand. I’m more interested in the truly functional stuff – things I can see myself having a use for in my day-to-day life.

Admittedly, I work in an office so I don’t run into many situations that call for a bunch of tactical gear. But it can be interesting to see what other people carry and how they use it, even if it isn’t something that directly relates to my life.

If this sounds like an interesting topic to you, here are a few of my favourite EDC sources:

One thing I will mention is that a lot of these posts include handguns. As a Canadian, that always seems out of place to me and I suspect it will to anyone who is from somewhere other than the United States. Americans probably wouldn’t think twice about it, so it’s all in what you’re accustomed to I imagine. I’m not passing judgement on those posts either way, I just wanted to mention it because it can be such a polarizing topic.

What’s In My EDC

Personally, I’ve got a fairly pedestrian list of gear in my every day carry. Half of it is probably stuff that almost any guy would carry even if they weren’t consciously deciding what to put in their pockets every day.

  1. iPhone X
  2. Field Notes memo book
  3. Retro 51 Pen
  4. Handkerchief
  5. Apple Watch Series 3
  6. Fenix E05 Flashlight
  7. Gerber Dime multitool
  8. True Cash Stash
  9. True nail clippers
  10. Tweezers
  11. Hot Lix cinnamon toothpicks
  12. Wallet – no link for this because I don’t know where I got this one. There are many similar ones on Amazon, however.

I’m an Apple nerd and usually have the latest iPhone or one generation back. I picked up the new iPhone X about a month ago and absolutely love it. It took me about a week to get used to the new way some things work but once I got comfortable with it, I find it hard to use an older model.

I like to have a pocket notebook and pen with me everywhere I go to jot down quick notes. I could do this with the iPhone but sometime pen and paper is quicker and easier. Plus, it never crashes or loses data. Field Notes brand memo books are my current favourites. They make quite a few different styles, including a quarterly limited edition release. The one I’m working through right now is one of the limited editions, part of the Workshop series.

I’m also a bit of a pen nerd so the pen I carry tends to change on a pretty regular basis. I keep coming back to the Retro 51, however, because it’s comfortable to use and has a fantastic refill that is one of the smoothest I’ve used.

The handkerchief is from Amazon, nothing special. My dad always had a handkerchief in his pocket when I was a kid but I never carried one until a few years ago. Once I started carrying it, I was surprised at how often it comes in handy. Especially when my kids were a little younger. I have no idea how many small messes and spills these hankies cleaned up over the years, but they certainly earned their keep.

Again, being an Apple nerd, I’ve got the newest Apple Watch Series 3, the one with a cell connection. I hadn’t worn a watch in years before getting the original Apple Watch but once I had it, I was hooked. I’ve written more about my experience with the Apple Watch and how it helped me lose over 50 pounds here if you want to know more about it. The newest version is a head-and-shoulders improvement over the original and the built-in cellular means I don’t have to carry my phone when I’m out for a run or going rucking.

The Fenix E05 flashlight is small enough to carry on my keychain but provides an impressive amount of light when I need it. This is another thing I could do with the iPhone but having a dedicated flashlight really does work better, and it doesn’t drain the battery on my phone. It’s usually nighttime if I need the light and that’s when the phone is most likely to be getting low on juice.

Multitools are another thing that I have an unhealthy obsession for. I’ve bought pretty well every keychain-sized Leatherman tool and a few others. I do switch them around a bit but my favourite of all of them is the Gerber Dime. It’s got a good selection of tools, the spring mechanism on the pliers is solid and it’s a pretty durable piece of kit.

The True Cash Stash is a small container that holds a single rolled-up bill. I typically either carry a $20 or $50 bill in it and have it hanging on my keychain. I usually don’t carry much cash and if I’ve spent it, I could go for a week or more before I think to get more. Having this emergency bill with me all the time is helpful if I ever get stranded somewhere and have to pay for cab fare, a meal or anything else. But it’s enough work to get it out of the bill safe that I won’t just spend it on a whim.

The nail clippers and tweezers are self-explanatory. These are another couple of items that really came in handy when my kids were little younger. They don’t get as much use these days but they’re still good to have when the need arises.

The cinnamon toothpicks are also self-explanatory I think. There’s nothing worse than having something stuck in your teeth when you’re on your way to a meeting or some other appointment. I bought a box of these a couple of years ago on a whim but they’ve come in handy more often than I would have thought.

The wallet is a generic leather card holder that I picked up somewhere a few years ago. I used to carry a typical billfold-style wallet in my back pocket but it tended to collect more and more papers, receipts, cards and stuff I didn’t really need so a few years ago I trimmed down to this style. It holds eight cards and two or three bills, and that’s it. But it turns out that’s enough and having something small enough to fit in my front pocket is not only safer, it also helped with some weird back pains I was getting because half my rear end was sitting on an inch-thick wallet all the time.


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