Finding Brotherhood In Unexpected Places

It’s funny how certain things can cause people to strike up a conversation. I’m sitting in my local coffee shop writing this and a guy just stopped to ask me some questions about my beard. He’s growing one too, and it looks like it’s probably two or three weeks along. He was curious about the longest I’ve ever grown it (not as long as I’d like), whether my family approved (not really, which is why it’s not as long as I’d like) and that sort of thing.

The same thing happens to me regularly when I’m in this same coffee shop doing something on my MacBook. Someone else who uses a Mac will stop and ask me questions about it.

It’s interesting how small things can cause a connection with someone you’ve never met before. And enough of one that people will stop and strike up a conversation even when I’m busy typing away on my laptop. It doesn’t bother me a bit, but I don’t think I would do it if I were in the same position.

It makes me really aware of what I’m doing or the vibe I’m putting out. You never know when someone is watching, and the way you treat people can have a real impact on those around you.


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