Recommended Wet Shaving Starter Kit

If you want to give wet shaving a try, there are a ton of different razors, brushes, blades and shaving creams to choose from. You’re going to want to try several most likely, everyone’s taste is different and no single product is going to be best for everyone.

But if you want a good starting point, you can’t go wrong with this starter kit. This is the first safety razor I ever used and it’s still one of my favourites. I use this one more than any other. This kit also includes a large DE blade sampler kit so you can try a lot of different brands to see what you like. It doesn’t seem like there could be that much different from one brand of blade to another, but you’d be surprised. I’ve tried a lot and some give me a more comfortable shave than others. With a sampler like the one in this bundle, you can find a few that you like and then order more of those.

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Wet Shaving Starter Kit

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